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Tax prepation services

Taxes are a complex area of law, and filing them incorrectly can have serious financial ramifications. For many individuals and businesses, seeking the assistance of a tax preparation lawyer is essential to ensuring their taxes are accurate and complete. The attorneys at White & Jocham have been helping clients solve their tax problems for decades. Our attorneys assist clients with annual income 1040 tax return preparation and assist clients with their tax issues in several other areas.

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Tax Return Preparation

White & Jocham provide competent general tax planning services for businesses and individuals, from individual tax returns to complex corporate tax returns. Our rates are competitive with tax preparing services, but unlike them, we are attorneys and can give legal advice along with our tax services.

We Also Provide:

Estate Planning & Trusts

Creating estate plans and establishing trusts are intertwined with complex tax issues. The team at White & Jocham has experience and skill in navigating these issues to maximize effectiveness, allowing our clients to advance wealth preservation, tax savings, and asset distribution goals.

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